Online video game payment processing

Card suppliers for gaming websites

As stated by the Gambling Commission, online gaming and gambling during 2016 in the UK contributed to 33 percent of industry market share. A large proportion of this was composed of sports betting, casino games and bingo websites. Online gaming merchant account providers that are paid and gambling are more available than ever and, as a result, the demand for merchant accounts to support the business has improved.

Gambling merchant services
Gambling, is known within the merchant services industry as gaming. Nearly All card processing providers for several reasons perceives as a high risk industry it:

Gambling companies have a turnover, which plays a role in the danger when an acquiring bank is currently analyzing the profile of the retailer. Nearly all gaming companies are based offshore there have been instances of fraud and money laundering within the industry. If the company is a startup or new to the gambling business, an acquiring bank can be put off by the absence of credit and trade history.

Gaming payment methods that are online
Running in a high risk business like internet and gambling gambling does not mean businesses won’t have the ability to secure a merchant account. There are specialist risk providers when working through customer payment process choices, and in Merchant Advice Service we work with them.

Finding a gaming merchant accounts
At Merchant Advise Service we specialise in internet gaming payment gateways and both gaming merchant accounts. Our team of specialists in online gaming payment processors work to make sure we can secure the best price possible in line with the needs of the company.