Davinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review

The Davinci Miqro is a dry herb conduction vaporizer created by the firm Davinci. This is the fourth mobile vaporizer released by the firm with the first being the OG Davinci back in 2012.

The complete Davinci vaporizer lineup is the OG Davinci (March 2012), the Davinci Ascent (August 2013), the Davinci IQ (October 2016) and why you are here, the Miqro Vaporizer by Davinci (July 2018!) . The OG Davinci remains available to this day on their site.

The Miqro will be priced as a unit just for $149 and using a whole lot of accessories as the explorers set for $199. I’ve only had this unit for about a week up to now, but I have been able to vape about an ounce of dry herb through it already. I’ll make certain to keep on updating this review as I maintain the stress tests going.

Davinci Miqro Pros and Cons

While I was not the biggest fan of the Ascent, I feel like Davinci really stepped up their video game with the IQ and I am a big fan of this Miqro. Together with the Micro, you receive a complete temp spectrum + smart avenues, replaceable battery system, as well as the brand new pearl design really works well to shrink chamber size for all those person sessions.

The Miqro is much easier to clean and maintain compared to the IQ. The new design allows for simple cleaning of all pieces and the pick tool is clutch for cleaning out the room after sessions.

The Miqro is certainly the smallest battery powered portable vaporizer I’ve reviewed thus far. I am blown away by the size, layout and general functionality.

Although I love this unit, I do have a couple of minor gripes. The first being the outer shell gets hot like IQ. The manual does say that the”Explorers Collection” should have a glove but I did not get one with my bundle. Secondly, the battery is a little 18350, so overall life is just a little above 30 minutes that means you are only getting about six, five-minute sessions each battery. You do get two batteries for 60 minutes total.

Quick Synopsis

Davinci Miqro Vaporizer Side ButtonsIn brief, the Miqro is ideal for someone vaping independently or in a group, needs portability/discretion and does not want the most battery life. This isn’t the vaporizer to sit at home having long casual sessions daily. Here is the vaporizer to take to a festival, night on the town or walking the dog. It is easy to conceal the device in your palm and it is about like putting a key fob in your pocket.