Preserve The Beauty Of Your Artworks – Professional Picture Framing

For the longest time, professional framers have recognized the value of use of quality picture frames to frame restricted prints, priceless originals along with other essential artistic artifacts and artworks and conserve them for several decades.

Even though it’s absolutely important to adhere to the complex steps when dealing with expensive, delicate or old bits, using some innovative picture frames can also be ideal even for the cheap prints and sentimentally important pieces that the owner cares about. With the support of an expert Picture Framing Portland OR shop NYC, did you realize that you could keep your art safe and protected from plenty of possible damages?

Quality Picture Framing and Its Importance

There are a lot of good reasons why it is important to preserve any art you have. If this is a limited edition print of an artist who’s enjoying a quick rise to international fame or a costly artifact, specialists in framing of fine art & Giclee printing in SoHo, New York will make a significant difference.

For those who have a strategy of selling this piece in the long term, the way it will be framed can play a large role when it comes to getting the best price for a specific artwork. Whatever the future sales might be, an expert picture framing project will guarantee that the item will remain in its mint condition for several years to come.

But, the total resale value is simply a single reason to frame an artwork for the long term. If you don’t understand it yet, you will find plenty of pure elements which could wreak havoc on any art when not carefully encased.

Dangers of Not Using Professional Picture Framing for Your Art:

Dark Fading

If you believe that packing away any picture or art will protect it from harm, you better think again. Dark fading results from various factors and even though it isn’t due to mild absence, it is going to occur if images are stored away. Such factors may impact your artwork that isn’t framed and displayed properly.

Light Damage

In case you’ve already framed something before or you’re interested in art display, it’s likely that you know about the dangers of UV light. The most common and recognizable effect of mild damage in art pieces is fading. Although most of qualified printing inks nowadays are archival and treated with UV fade resistant chemical, professional picture framing still helps a good deal in preventing this threat.


Humidity is no doubt that a significant damaging element for any artwork. This is specifically an issue for photos but even fine art prints and originals aren’t exempted from this issue. Humidity can produce the art layers soften and turn tacky. Additionally, it promotes mold growth and to get more modern digital photographs, humidity can make the dyes used for image printing to bleed, which may result in blurred image. Picture framing will help a lot to keep out the unnecessary humidity out of your art.