Understanding Embroidered Patches

Patches have been used all through the years in a range of applications – school uniforms, armed forces uniforms, college jackets – the list goes on… and on. It is a well-known method, no doubt about it, but you may be wondering, what makes it so popular exactly? Custom Patches are generally embroidered pieces of cloth that are then applied using various methods to the garment of your preference. The reason why many people are so like using it is because it is usually affordable and produced in bulk

All You Need to Know About Embroidered Patches.

Your outfit has to do a lot with your character. Who doesn’t wish to look classy? Hard work is always made to make your outfit appear prettier and classy. This is usually done with the help of embroidered patches. This is mostly a patch which includes embroidery done using threads. These patches tend to be attached to clothing either to beautify it or for some other purposes. People like to use the patches rather than performing the embroidery instantly on the dress fabric. You will find both embroidered and custom patches in the marketplace. These embroidered patches are either attached to the dress fabric with the aid of a hot iron or is stitched into the fabric.

The embroidery is carried out on the patch in a way that it fully covers the rigid base on which it is done. Many of these patches have a side which is embroidered hence producing a border. Various items are utilized to produce patches but normally thick materials are preferred. Those patches that are affixed to the fabric by using a heat sensitive adhesive are permanently attached to the material. Only those patches that are stitched to the material are removable. The layouts of the patches differ as per the need. The patches applied by different institutions have special designs that are used on the dress substances of their members. It bears the membership details or an emblem. At times embroidered patches are applied to mark designations or even achievements. These patches are then attached to the uniform.

There are a lot of reasons for individuals to use embroidered patches. One of the reasons is that they are not very costly. The new technological advancements have aided in further decreasing the price. Another reason is that these types of patches can easily be included to any clothing fabric that you like. You can attach them to hats, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts etc. A third reason would be that the patch will stay on the cloth once attached, regardless of the laundering or the cleaning process that it goes through. Its contribution to fashion is one of the reasons for the higher preference for embroidered patches. You can make the patterns you like on the patch and add it to your dress fabric. This will give a new and stylish look to the attire that you put on.

There are a lot of people who make embroidered patches that fit your purposes. You may customize your patches using their help. There are companies that make patches in large amounts and also in small amounts depending on the popular demand.

Embroidered Patches: The easiest method to Display Your Logo

Embroidered patches are these days are widely in use and you will get them in different patterns, art logos, etc. They are quite inexpensive and can be acquired from top stores in your location and even on the internet by placing your order from real sites. They come with modern patterns and shapes and can be purchased in bulk for specific purposes too. They can be purchased on the net in bulk amounts based on the demand. In many cases embroidered patches are put to use as business logos or institutional logos.

Custom Embroidered Patches:   A Symbol of Association, Social networking And Trading.

If you would like to advertise your brand and also want people to recognize you then one of the best methods to do so is by using custom embroidered patches. The personalized promotional product will help in marketing your brand and is regarded as a symbol of organization, social networking as well as trading. The patches can be used as special marketing gifts and can also be used throughout special occasions to ensure that more and more individuals can get to know about your company through it.

Embroidered Patches Are wonderful Patterns for Embroidery of Logo Clothing

There are many reasons why dresses are made with patches. Probably, the custom embroidered patches on the clothing are meant to build the personal identification of the consumer. Say a boy can be quickly recognized as student if the uniform clothing he is dressed in comes with a custom embroidered patch of his school logo. In the army, patches are included in the uniform to symbolize respect and missions accomplished by the serviceman. For business firms, the main purpose of including an embroidered patch company logo on employees’ work uniform is to acknowledge them as part of the company or association.

Realizing Achievements with Custom Embroidered Patches


Everyone wants to be acknowledged for his or her success, and children are no exclusion. If you have ever led a scout group or even mentored a church youth group, then you know there are a lot of chances to develop self esteem as well as confidence with a simple praise. Ribbons or paper certificates definitely work, but at times the condition calls for something more durable and more amazing than a simple printed certificate. Custom embroidered patches are a unique method of recognizing success without investing a lot of money.

Functions for Custom Embroidered Patches

Patches are everlasting method of recognizing any achievement, regardless of how large or how little. You can apply embroidered patches to recognize membership in a club, note a particular level of success, honor an occasion, or honor an act of bravery or kindness.

Kids like having something thoughtful to remember a past event. If you are arranging any kind of kid’s activity or even group trip, such as a church camp, special field visit, or a milestone camp-out, think about giving each individual a commemorative patch. It is a good idea to end up the event and acknowledge everyone’s hard work.

Embroidered patches can be used to reward a certain success. The Boy and Girl Scouts of The United States have applied this method all through their history, and the kids love to showcase their numerous badges. Your group or even club can use patches in the same manner. Gathering patches not only encourages a sense of group within the team, it builds confidence as well as self esteem. Seeing the prizes they’ve gained reminds kids of their achievements and this motivates them to work harder to reach the next goal.

Groups and clubs usually present unique symbols to identify its associates. Some other organizations give various patches to represent various stages of engagement or levels of achievement within the group. Similar to the colored belts used by karate students, each one insignia indicates a particular skill level has been reached. Much like patches marking a certain achievement, this type of reward helps encourage a child to work harder to reach the next stage.

Patches are available in Many Shapes and Sizes    

Regardless of what your team or activity is you will be able to get a custom patch to satisfy your demands. Patches can be found in sizes which range from 2 by 2 inches up to 7 by 7 inches and in regular figures as well as more complicated designs. They are usually stitched to garments, but some are accessible with an iron on or Velcro support for easier application.

Observing a special event with a custom embroidered patch is a good method to tell a child that he or she is unique and deserves to be acknowledged. Just where a ribbon or paper document will quickly be removed, a top quality embroidered patch will be put on with delight for many years. Not only do they serve as a payback for a job well done, patches also give a real reminder of special occasions in a child’s life.

Advantages of Using Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches when applied correctly can prove to be very helpful as a branding remedy for any business. This kind of branding method is very handy and can help a company stand out and turn up to be competent and advanced. These customized embroidery patches can either be connected with a pin or stitched on. Iron-on support is one of the more advanced methods of attachment.

Custom embroidered patches can be put on to a range of fabric items, colors and fonts. These kinds of attachments found on any clothing are utilized to set up a unique identity of the consumer. In this article are some important benefits of applying custom embroidered patches:

  • Price
  • Distinguishes a company.
  • Multiple Shapes and Sizes
  • Long lasting
  • Plenty of Options
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Let us jump right in!

Materials and Tools:

– Hand-sewed embroidery

– Muslin or canvas (around 4 by 4 inches)

– Heat’n Bond Iron-On Glue

– Embroidery thread

– Embroidery hoop (or some other round object for tracing)

– Cloth scissors

– Pencil

– Parchment paper

– Fray Check (non-compulsory)


  1. Sketch a circle around your own design. This will be the border of the patch.

  1. Cut a bit of Heat’n Bond to approximately the same size like your soon-to-be patch, then iron this onto the back of the embroidery based on instructions. Allow it to cool, then trim along the round line.

  1. Remove the paper support of the Heat’n Bond, and then put the patch face-up on some muslin or canvas. Cover up the embroidery using a sheet of parchment paper, then iron in accordance with instructions. Once it has cooled down, cut the back part of muslin to sizing.

  1. Sew around the whole edge of the patch making use of a whip sew.

  1. When finished, cut the surplus embroidery thread. If you want, close off the end utilizing a drop of Fray Check.

  1. Cut a bit of Heat’n Bond merely more compact than your patch. Iron it onto the rear of your patch.

  1. Remove the paper support, after that, place upon the clothing you will be sticking it to. Protect the embroidery using a little bit of parchment paper, after that thoroughly iron it on. Wam, bam, thanks a lot, ma’am!

Draw a circle about your design (I used embroidery hoop to produce this). This will be the frame of your patch.

Trim a bit of Heat’n Bond to about the same dimension as your soon-to-be patch, after that iron it onto the rear of the embroidery according to directions. Allow it to cool, then trim along the circular line.

Remove the paper backing from the Heat’n Bond, then put the patch face-up on a bit of muslin or canvas. Protect the embroidery with a bit of parchment paper, then iron in accordance with instructions. Once it has cooled down, trim the back bit of muslin to dimension.

Sew around the whole edge of your patch making use of a whip stitch.

When complete, cut the surplus embroidery thread.

If you want, close off the end using a drop of Fray Check.

Looking’ great, li’l patchy!

To stick it to clothes or any kind of fabric, include a bit of Heat’n Bond only smaller than your own patch, and then iron this onto the back.

Peel off the actual paper backing, then place on the clothing you will be sticking it to. This time around, I went with an ordinary baseball cap – the other one is going in my boyfriend denim jeans!

Cover the embroidery using a piece of parchment paper, and then carefully iron it in.

Voila! Now relax and await the compliments to start rolling in.

Until next time!

DO IT YOURSELF crushes are something, people. At the very least for us DO-IT-YOURSELF nerds; recently, I have been completely mad about embroidery. I will say goodbye to my friends for it; I will stay up during the night thinking of it… the loyalty is REAL. Today, I am taking this relationship one stage further: It is the perfect time to make a hand-sewn patch from this embroidery affair. How else am I able to don my heart on my sleeve? (Let us see how long we are able to keep this metaphor going, shall we? ) Browse on to see how easy it is to convert your beloved embroidery right into a patch. Because truly, who requires a boyfriend when you own a patch which will stay by (or to) your side?

I handled this flower embroidery design while travelling to New York. Seriously, this might function as the best plane DIY I have found up to now. It is compact and *just* time consuming enough. And many airlines permit small scissors on board, therefore trimming embroidery thread is a piece of cake. Discover some of B+C’s favourite embroidery designs here!