Fantasy Football – A Lesson In Monetizing Anything

Attention entrepreneurial souls – the next would have appeared as fictional as Star Wars to our grandfathers, and of course Vince Lombardi. However, it is all true and there is a valuable lesson in this – you can monetize anything!

Congratulations to the NFL. They have found a way to maintain a enormous fan base regardless of the myriad off the field issues they appear to shrug off each week. The referee strike of 2018 and the inept replacements? Forget it – that did not even register on the NFL fan’s”List of Things to Care About.” How could it? This is a league which has just seen popular players indicted or found guilty of domestic violence, rape, child abuse, and even murder. Nice guys, huh? In short, there’s not anything that will keep us from tuning in every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday (in my life, I am certain that there will be a match on each night of the week). TV ratings suggest this monster is in fact too big to fail.

So why do we do it? It is not because we care about who wins or loses the true game. A number people do, but we are currently in the minority. No, the wins and losses aren’t even the next reason. Sports gaming, though illegal in most states, WAS what kept the NFL atop the listing for sports lovers. Folks gamble almost $10 billion on the Super Bowl alone. Imagine what a complete season brings in. The joke was something like”Daddy’s favorite team is the Dolphins and he needs them to win by less than 4 points.” However, since gaming has such a negative connotation in society, people do not talk about it much, and certainly not when they lose.

The thing that will help the NFL stay the king of the mountain indefinitely turns out to be the photo negative of gaming. It’s Fantasy Football Trophies, and it has nearly reached the stage where we can get rid of the phrase”Fantasy” in the title. It is quite real, and it is here to stay. Betting is prohibited because it’s regarded as a”game of chance” Wagering on Fantasy Football is lawful since it’s considered a”game of skill” (do not ask me who decides these things, but it is true). Gambling is ugly as it can ruin people’s lives when they shed. Fantasy Football is innocent and enjoyable, though the identical amount of money is spent participating, and yes, half of it is missing. With gambling, there’s only money. With Fantasy Football, there’s cash, but also funny team names, decorations, and bragging rights. It’s market criteria versus societal norms, once more. If you don’t live in one of the few countries where gambling is legal, it requires connections to individuals with links to partake. Participating in Fantasy Football just requires an online connection and as little as a $1 investment.

Fantasy Football’s roots can be traced back to the 1960’s, but that was another world. It was not until the past ten decades, thanks entirely to the world wide web, it took flight and turned into a trend… and a critical business. Approximately 40 million Americans are playing some type of Fantasy Football this year, and they’re spending roughly $2 billion to do so, but that is only the start. When you consider the whole industry, the empire that’s Fantasy Football is estimated to be worth more than $50 billion! And it is going to continue growing. Everybody’s doing’ it. I play, my friends perform. Heck, even NFL players play! Only this week, one NFL player tweeted”I am probably going to lose my fantasy football match up this week cause (Adrian Peterson) can not play Sunday for disciplining his child.